What is SEM / Search Engine Marketing?

SEM | Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to use for the purpose of growing business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. There are millions of business on the internet vying for the same eyeballs, it is never been so important to advertise your business online, and SEM is the best way to grow your business or promote your product. It is the best practice of marketing a business on the internet with the help of paid advertisements that appears on the top and bottom of search engine result page which is called ‘SERP’.

Advertisers bid on such keyword that user of search engines such as Google and Bing might enter when they are looking for certain service or product. As a result, there is an opportunity for their ads which appear on the top and bottom along with results for those search queries. These ads are called pay per click ads, come in different formats. Some pay per click ads is text-based ads, some are visual, some are product based and some ads show important information such as product price and reviews.

One of the best features of search engine marketing is that it is able to offer the advertisers the opportunity the put their product or service advertisements in front of millions of motivated customers who are ready to buy such products or services at the precise moment. No other advertising sources do this, so that’s why search engine marketing is more effective as well as a powerful way to grow your online business.

Elements of Search Engine Marketing

SEM focuses on 3 areas relevance, fundability, and authoritativeness.

It is very important for you to ensure that you are targeting right keywords for your company. To get the clear list of related keywords, you need to talk to your customer support people as well as look at you company sales data and analyze your competition. Both top search engines such as Google and Yahoo offer online keyword selection tools.

This is the old as well as the fake story that refers how open the website or blog design is to search engine spiders. Because search engine spiders are not receptive to tools such as JavaScript, Flash, and Dynamic page generation, so that’ why it is very important for you web developer to manage the use of these tools carefully. If your website homepage is entirely flash based without a link, a search engine spider probably can’t enter to your website through it.

Just as community involvement and branding benefit a company in mortar and brick world, industry visibility as well as popularity are rewarded by search engines. If your company is considered as a knowledgeable as well as trusted in your field then you website will have a broader internet presence and be evaluated as more popular and relevant, which boost your website rankings? So it is very important for you to develop your company presence with the help of peers, publications, association’s, newsgroups, clients, trade organizations, blogs and best social networks such as reddit.com. In this world of competition, the key to success is to get as many backlinks to your company website as possible.

How long will an SEM project take?

If your website is starting from scratch, then it is very important for you to start your website with keyword development. If you have a large number of pages on your website that require keyword targeted copy, then initial setup of Search Engine Marketing will take few months. Once your website is launched, the paid, as well as link popularity initiatives, are able to gain momentum while you wait for a search engine spider to crawl your websites. The process of crawling takes some time.

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