Managed Website

What is a Managed Website?

Those websites are called managed websites which have managed their websites from every aspect either it is related to security, content or support section. A managed website has all the things up to date.

Why we need a Managed Website?

A managed website is needed due to certain reasons. First reason is to secure your website from hackers’ attacks. Second thing is user want to stay on that website which regular update their content according to need. Third most important thing that your website need a support to fix bugs and other issues, and a managed website give the solution of all these issues.

What are the functions of a Managed Website?

Managed website give a variety of services so you do not have to worry about running a website or to fix its issues any more. Managed website package handle all the work related to the website and let you know what you need. Here management of Website is divided into three main categories: Website security, Website content management and website support.

1. Website Security

To protect the website from hackers is the most important component of a great website management service. All websites are constantly being attacked by hackers and cybercriminals. Managed Website secure your Website from any attack by taking following security measures.

  1. Setting up good firewalls
  2. Protect against XSS attacks
  3. Watch out for SQL injection
  4. Software Updating
  5. Third-party software such as WordPress, e-commerce software, and Joomla always updates the software.
  6. Updates are not only new features, but they also include security updates.
  7. Broken authentication & session management
  8. Security configuration
  9. Activation of Malware scan
  10. Regular backup of your website

2. Website Content Management

The second major component of any website management service. Web sites must be static objects that never get updated or enhanced. The most important thing for a website to succeed is to add general content. Adding content to your website is not as easy as adding text and clicking publish. The following are related to content management.

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Adding photographs
  3. Fixation of website pages
  4. Optimization of content for web
  5. Proper formatting of content
  6. Optimized images which have less size and proper tags
  7. Product Updates
    If your site has eCommerce elements, then product updates become very important. There are different type of announcement which are necessary to made while dealing with a good range of products
  8. Announced new product announcement.
    As new product launch it must be updated. Website need a new page for new product, and similarly its updates in sitemap.
  9. Product announcement discontinued.
    Just like when you announce a new product, if you stop the product, you can use the information on all of your pages with ads in side navigation.
  10. Price change announcement
    Future price changes are another thing to announce. This can even lead to an urgent purchase.

3. Website Support

This will include a wide range of things. There are many things which need to fix in a website in day to day activity. Here is the brief description of those supports which are including website support section.

  1. Website’s layout setting
  2. Menu navigation bar setting
  3. Email address addition
  4. Helping with forgotten password
  5. Answering any questions you may have related to your website or your online business presence
  6. Domain Registration Information and in times rebuy facility
  7. Monitoring for Website Outages
  8. Broken links checking
  9. Traffic Stats
    Regular provision of traffic stats for your website which include the following details
    Time spent on the site
    Pages entered on and left on
    Bounce rate
    Visitors’ country location
    Referring sites
    Phrases or keywords that were used to find you
  10. Reputation Management
  11. Website Speed Testing
    It is important to test the loading speed of your website pages on a regular basis. Check how many seconds take your website to load. What are the factors which are reducing your webpage loading time? After adding new feature to your website, speed check become necessary.
  12. Copyright information updates in the footer