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What is Website Marketing?

Website marketing is used to promote your website and drive more traffic to your website. There are various ways to do website marketing such as SEM, SEO, and SMM, email marketing, sponsor marketing, affiliate marketing, inbound marketing and video marketing.

Why you need a Website Marketing?

Your website is where most people interact with your business. Online and offline marketing activities drive users to your website. Whether to get information about services and products, to make reservations, to purchase, or to get contact information.
Website marketing plays an important role in your business success. Internet marketing support is required to sell and promote your products and services. Here are 5 reasons why web marketing is important to your business.

  1. Legitimate yourself
  2. To cope up with the competition
  3. To increase the visibility of your business
  4. It is good for research and development
  5. To connect with the customers

How many things are involved in Website Marketing?

Website marketing involved number of things. Most famous things in website marketing are:

  1. Social media marketing (SMM)
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is an abbreviated form of Social media marketing which is a method of getting traffic to your web page or getting your consideration through social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The SMM program tends to focus attention on encouraging person who reads to share their content with their social circles which is available on social channels. Therefore, this format of marketing is grounded on word of mouth, which means that the social media is more qualified than any other media.

Social networks or websites have become an easily accessible platform for anyone with access to the Internet. The increase in communication to the organization increases brand awareness and sometimes promotes better customer service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is used to optimize the website and to make it user-friendly. Search engine optimization is a method used to improve the position of a website in search engines (like Google or Bing etc.) results pages (SERP). There are two types.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a convenient way to get the top page of an individual website and get relevant traffic from a web search engine. Therefore, efforts to apply to the website to optimize all the content corresponding to long tail relief (keyword). This includes the following activities:

  1. Page Titles
  2. Meta Tags
  3. Meta Descriptions
  4. Content Optimization
  5. URL Structure
  6. H1, H2, H3… H6 Tags
  7. Keyword Density
  8. Image Optimization

Off-page SEO is the practice of creating links. It is used to improve the position of the website in the SERP. The Off page is about creating links in various activities.

  1. Guest Blogging
  2. Social Networking Sites
  3. Article Submission
  4. Blog Submission
  5. Forum Marketing
  6. PPT Submission
  7. Social Bookmarking
  8. Directory Submission
  9. Image and Video Submission
  10. Link Building
  11. Business Listings
  12. Press Release

Search Engine marketing (SEM)

SEM markets the process of increasing visibility by creating free traffic (SEO) or paid traffic (paid ad search) to search engines.

With paid search advertising, you can basically buy ad space on search engine results. So instead of trying to get you free traffic with a higher ranking, you pay to appear before you search.

Because SEM traffic is a destination, SEM traffic is considered the most important source of Internet traffic. It is widely accepted that users should use the search engine to find solutions to the questions, find the answers to the questions, or respond.

When the search is done in the search results or the ad is finished on the website, they are more likely to be converted. The relevance of your display website and ad provides more value to SEM traffic than other sources.