Property Investment

Property Investment Strategies

Besides sitting in the bank account, do you want to grow your money even more? Real estate investing can do that; it provides you with the comfort of not working at all. If you are a work animal, you can also get yourself involved part-time or full-time, whatever you like.

But there are multiple ways present to invest in property; all you have to do is go for the right option by being considerate about your skills, personality, budget, and, more importantly, your goals.

I will go through the top 5 property investment strategies to assist you in doing that.

1. Buy, hold, and sell

This is a simple way, you make a purchase, keep the property and sell it when you offered a significantly higher price. This is a long-term investment strategy, as you are relying on appreciation to do the work. It is a natural process, and you really don’t have to do anything after making the purchase.

But in some cases, you can force appreciation by making some improvements; you only have to make sure you utilize cheaper options. For maximum gains, combine this strategy with the renting out strategy (which I will talk about in a bit). This way, you will make money in both, short and the long term as well.

2. Rental income

The most popular way to real estate investment is after buying a property and then renting it out. The idea is simple, invest in a property, get it into rentable shape, and find the tenants.

You can rent it out for the long term or make a vacation sort of rental. Either way, you will start earning right away; you can use the monthly income generated from rental to invest more in property.

3. Upgrade, flip

This process takes a short time and can earn you a handsome amount of money. All you have to do is locate a property that is being sold at less price for some reason, examine it, and make your move quickly before someone else makes a better option. Make the changes and improvements. Find an investor or buyer and seller.

4. Wholesaling

This is also a short-term investment strategy, and you don’t need to put in a substantial investment. You only need some capital and get a house for sale under contract from the seller. Find the potential buyer and assign the agreement.

Take your money and go home. You will have to work through tight deadlines and some pressure. But in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks, you can make a significant amount of money.

5. REIGs

Real estate investment groups are a way of owning a rental property, but you are free from managing it. How does it work? Investors can buy apartments through the company by joining a group owned or built by the company.
You can buy multiple or single units. Although the same company operates the investment group, all units are managed by it. In return, the company takes a fixed amount of share from the monthly rent.