Some Tips of Website Security What You Should Do to Prevent any Threat To Your Web?

Website Security

Please be careful to your website security because a hacker is trying to analyze the weakness. You have to make sure if your website is protected. In this article, we would like to help you with having the saved website.

Some Tips for Increasing Website Security

  1. You should make sure the software up to date
    The antivirus and every website security software should be renewed.
  2. Be careful about SQL injection
    There must be not all of the internet users understand the SQL injection. You should know the code and programmer language for this content.
  3. Give the protection on XSS attacks
    XSS attacks could change the page content and steal the information of your website. The attacker could get the information and he could steal it easily. You can have the Content Security Policy tool for it.
  4. Be careful about error messages
    You may get some information, but all of them are error messages. You should have the minimal error and try to not give the full exceptions in your database. Show the users only the information they need and keep the detail errors in your server logs.
  5. Do the validation
    Browser and the server side should be validated.
  6. Organize your password with the complex
    The good password avoids the hacking. Using an algorithm and salt password give you the best protection.
  7. Disallowed the users to upload any content
    This is the biggest risk for your website and you cannot do this. Even it is only to change the user’s avatar, it is better to not use the content. Treat all files with the great suspicion is the best way to do to protect your website. The image could be contained of PHP code.
  8. Have the website security tools
    Some of the website security tools are openVAS, Netsparker,, and Xenotic XSSExploit Framework.
  9. Use HTTPS
    This is a security protocol over the internet with guarantees. You can let the users talk to the server and no one could change the content.

Why Does Website Security Matter?

The website security is a crucial thing you should aware. Do not let yourself handle it by yourself because you can ask the professional’s help on managing it. It is too tiring to manage the website and the whole contents on it especially about its security. You should know if not all of the people understand the security code. The wrong code will give the different impact to your website, so you need to be more careful.

There are not all of the internet users understand about the website security and we know that we cannot focus on this thing only when they want to have a better selling. To manage and operate the website is full of energy. You should notice the weakness of your website and analyze it after some months. You do not have to worry if you use the help from the website experts. You just have to focus on the marketing products and services while the experts help you to operate and manage your website.